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Clinical Herbal Therapy

Slow Paths Wellness practices clinical herbal therapy. Clinical herbal therapy is administered by health professionals with formal, extensive herbal training in a formal academic and medical setting. This training covers how to use herbs to treat illness, to improve health, and to avoid interactions with other supplements or medication.


Herbal treatment from such a master herbalist is different from what you find in a supplement store, or from a multi-level marketing company, or even from another health professional that suggests an herb or botanical for a symptom without formal training in an herbal prescription system. Slow Paths Wellness primarily uses Asian medicine as the philosophy of herbal treatment, but I have training in western herbalism, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, and functional medicine's botanical medicine. 

An herbal consultation is included with a Regular Acupuncture Visit and a Functional Medicine Coaching session. The prices below are for stand-alone herbal consultations.

The Initial Herbal Consultation is the same as a New Patient Visit. It is the start of a health partnership between you and Slow Paths Wellness. The visit takes at least 90 minutes, and includes a thorough intake using both Asian medicine and Functional Medicine assessment tools. We also start the discussion of your goals in treatment, and how we can work together to move you forward in your health journey using the different tools in the Slow Paths Wellness toolbox. We discuss what medications and supplements you are currently taking, what form of herbal preparation would work best for you (custom formula, pills, tinctures, raw, or topical are some of the possibilities), and I use that information to create a treatment plan for your next visit. 

Initial Herbal Consultation

Relish Change Plan Consultation

In the Relish Change Plan Consultation, we go over my treatment recommendations for testing, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle modifications. You will get multiple options of treatment possibilities, and we will build a plan together. The final treatment plan will consider cost, ability / interest in lifestyle changes, and other factors to get a plan that works well for your goals. This visit takes about 90 minutes.

Regular Herbal Consultation

Herbal Consultations are included in the price of an acupuncture or any Functional Medicine Coaching visit.  If you would like an herbal consultation only, the cost of the consultation is $100 for a 30-minute consultation. Herbal formulas are typically custom blended and are an extra charge ranging from approximately $40-200 per prescription which typically lasts 4-6 weeks.

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