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Microneedling Coming Soon

Save as much as $300!


I will add microneedling to my practice in 2023. Microneedling is used for cosmetic purposes to decrease wrinkles and lines on the face and other areas, and to rejuvenate tissue. It is also used to help people with allergies, Bell's palsy, migraine headaches, neuropathy, and even to reduce cellulite!


Microneedling is a modern needle treatment based on an acupuncture technique called plum blossom needling, where several tiny needles are embedded in a small shaft and lightly tapped over areas to stimulate blood flow and healing. With microneedling, the process is mechanized, with tiny needles pulsing up and down several thousand times per minute, going just under the skin. 


Treatments are cumulative, meaning it generally takes several treatments to see the full effect. The treatment process is one treatment a month, with time in between for creating new cells and experience rejuvenation. The rest of the month, other treatments are available that can continue the rejuvenating process. 


Most people find it painless, and there is numbing cream available at no extra cost if desired. There is also a nanoneedling option, which does not break the skin. It is used between microneedling treatments, also around the eyes and anywhere where even the gentle microneedle might be too much.


I am accepting preorders for treatments through December 31. The normal charge for a microneedling session will be $400, and includes a body acupuncture treatment and a mini foot shiatsu treatment in addition to the microneedling. Through December 31, I will offer the session for $300 as a prepaid gift certificate, redeemable when I begin the service in 2023. As an added thank you for buying in early, your next service of any kind from my office (regular acupuncture, coaching consult--even an Initial Visit Intake or second microneedling treatment) will be 50% off! You could save as much as $300 total with this deal, depending on which service you choose.


There are some screening questions for this procedure, so please fill out a contact form at to see if microneedling is right for you.

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